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DITCH Poly-thene

Why read this Post?  This post brushes up on your existing acumen about Plastics and delights you with some ticklish tone at play, as fun is essential in the day and age of political and social strain. Besides, it also presents the BIG TALK---

Q-What is the BIG TALK?

A- Eager to know? But, nothing comes easy dear. So you, lovely peeps, have to scroll bit more to witness the unveiling of Big Talk.
But Before That, Presenting--Small Talk

Plastic-  Love me
              or hate me
              but you can't ignore me  ( enjoying the sunny day)

Human-  Hey, dude! Aren't you being extremely confident? This confidence might boomerang.

Plastic- Boomerang? hey, that's made up of me again. haha, the joke's on you.

Human- Okay, you are being over-smart now.

Plastic-  Haha! Words of jealousy. Have you had the traits, you wouldn't have allowed me to proliferate in the first place.

Human- Speechless!

Lets Begin

Plastic has become our arm-candy. From the time we wake up till the time we …

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